June 16, 2010

Quail babies are here!

The Quail babies are here! I counted 16 in this group. Some are larger than others, and I am wondering why. I worry about the really tiny ones getting enough to eat. Who knows maybe the parents adopted the three little ones. I can't believe that this wind doesn't carry them away.
I can't help but put out food for the birds. I have two thistle feeders for the finches and a bird house for the wild birds. The excess seed drops down and that is where the Quail love to scratch and peck the welcome morsels. The parents are so protective. They chase away any birds that come by while their little ones are eating. I love this time of year when the tiny Quail arrive. I've seen a baby bunny....surprised that I have seen only one, because I have heard that rabbits multiply like crazy. A friend said he saw ten rabbits in our yard when he was last over here. Yikes! The chipmonks love this place too. We had two last year and now we have at least eight who are daily visitors. They are fun to watch as they run from the sage brush onto the lawn, jumping over the tall grass. I swear they are smiling, knowing that a full bounty awaits them. Then they fill up their cheeks and run back to unload their find. They make this repetitive trip all day long. I love nature and I am looking forward to going hiking and out on the pontoon boat again this summer with our dear friends. Life is good.

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Me and My Lexi

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