June 16, 2010

Father's Day

Some people say Father's Day, as well as Mother's Day is just another Hallmark holiday. We should honor our Father, Papi, Papa, Dad, whatever term of endearment we have chosen to call the heads of our families, everyday. I remember when my dad was alive, I would make him a card on Father's Day. I think he appreciated that gift from me when I was a little girl more than any gift I bought him when I got older. What do you get a person who has everything? I remember one time I drew a portrait of him. I think he resembled King Kong in my interpretation. He was his usual critical self, but it didn't matter because I had outgrown my need for his approval. It humored me when he said I didn't use the proper drawing utensil. He had macula degeneration, so I don't think he could really tell what kind of pencil I used. His critique never did too much for my self esteem growing up, although I can't put all that on him, after all I went to Catholic school and those nuns scared the BaJesus out of me. As I got older, I understood that criticism that he gave me was because of his frustration of never being the famous artist he wanted so much to be. The best part of what I received from my dad was unconditional love. He was the one I could always go to when I had problems. He was funny and people loved him and he WAS a great artist to his four children. One year he drew pictures of my friends at my birthday party....a wonderful party favor. He suffered a lot, self inflicted with his demons.

We must never underestimate our fathers and their strength. When we are little we idolize them and think they are the smartest people on earth. Then in our teen years we wonder how they just don't "get it". Then they are gone and you realize you have taken the good things about their parenting and made them your own. I am honoring the men in my life this day who are head of the family, male friends whose children are their precious pets, the father of my children, my son-in-law who is the wonderful Papi to our dear Sedona, and especially my husband who is a fantastic Dad to his grown up children and my grown up children as well.
Happy Father's Day! xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxo

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