January 25, 2012

My mind talking

Excuse me, but I have to get out of my own way

Owning your short comings

Accepting yourself and all your short comings is difficult enough for one to do.
Expecting others to accept you without conditions is almost impossible.

Wanting someone to know and love you is asking a lot. Understanding and accepting how people may perceive you in their mind, with all their issues and beliefs present is the only thing you can do....if they mean something to you. Look inside yourself and see what they may see from their perspective, even though for you it seems one sided. You need to accept what THEY see and own it and move on, otherwise you become stuck. Its very freeing to see how others view you and how you can heal that in yourself. What they see doesn't define who you really are. There is always room for growth, truth and acceptance. I can love myself and my shortcomings and BE okay.

January 5, 2012

E-Mails, Texting and Conversation

I am stuck in the past. I have such a hard time e-mailing my friends who prefer that form of communication to talking on the phone. When using a telephone, you establish a more personal connection with the person you're calling, and communication is much more direct than through texting or e-mails.

What I miss about talking to my friends on the phone is that I cannot hear them laugh, hear their voice inflections, tell if they are happy or sad, angry or indifferent. I get nothing from looking at a white page typing. How can you have that personal bond with someone without talking to them? I have found that when you e-mail questions to a friend who prefers that form of communication, that they can choose not to answer or comment on anything you say. What message is that sending?

I can understand how it is necessary with the way things are in the world today to do a quick text or email, but it really takes away from nuturing your friendships. You want to send a quick joke or inspirition, or do your business, send an e-mail. You want to send a photo or quick couple of words, text. You want to keep things alive between you and your friend....CALL.

Me and My Lexi

Me and My Lexi

Pet the Kitty