April 15, 2010

Re: thought for the day

Be positive in your life and cherish and be thankful for all things that come your way.
How many more sunsets do you have left to see with someone you love?

April 11, 2010

New addition

"Come on kid, leave me alone."
This is a picture of Portia and Lexi when we first adopted Lexi. Lexi finally figured out how to invade Portia's territory and Portia was not happy about it. Lexi just wanted to play, but sadly, Portia wasn't having any of it. She was an adult, after all.


My garden awaits. The flowers around our yard are in the state of shock. They start coming up and then we get a frost. The trees had buds, but since the frost last week, they are retreating. The birds have showed up, along with the chipmonks, bunnies, and we always have deer. The wind is back and it cuts you to the bone. To think I left California for this! We DO love the wide open spaces and the summers and falls here, but winter just hangs around for way too long, encroaching on Spring's time.

April 5, 2010

Happy Easter

Sedona all dressed up for Easter. She went with Mommy and Papi to their friends house for an Easter egg hunt. While they were at the party, they felt the earthquake that happened in Mexicali that registered 6.9. We were in Rhode Island cleaning up Jim's mom's cellar after the flood. I now am on my way to having buns of steel. HA. Seriously, I've never done lunges for 4 hours straight for two days! Thank goodness we didn't need to have snorkels! The water was 6" high! Rhode Island has never had rain fall like that before. They got 8 inches in 24 hours. Sedona had a lot more fun than Grammy and Papa Jim did. I miss making Easter baskets for all the grandchildren. I get to see Sedona, mommy and Papi on April 25! Yippeeee!!!

Me and My Lexi

Me and My Lexi

Pet the Kitty