October 23, 2011


I have never liked politics. I have always been too busy raising my family, getting home from work, making dinner, getting my kids ready for bed and by that time, I had to go to bed...or do ironing. I never thought much about what the politicians did for me or didn't do for me.

Now that I am retired, I have time to read the local paper. I have time to watch CNN and Fox news and boy are they different. Fox news is reporting all day long, as is CNN. The difference I see between the two is that I see things on Fox news that I don't see on CNN.

For instance I read in the Oregon paper that Hilary Clinton was in Pakistan warning them to act against militants. She had meetings with President Hamid Karzai and sounded quite firm in her statements in the paper. Fox news showed a tape of her sitting down with the same President Karzai and his aides and she was dissing Herman Cain, a Republican candidate running for President of the United States to President Karzai. She used a very demeaning tone when speaking about Herman Cain...."he's the pizza man running for president" and President Karzai gave a nervous laugh. She didn't say that he once worked for the Federal Reserve or how he had made a success of Godfather Pizza. Hilary sits there with a Pakistani president laughing about Herman Cain when Karzi was the one who okayed Osama bin Laden to live within their borders. It's all crazy to me. Herman Cain was a front runner for the Republicans and it's very suspicious to me that now he is being slandered. What difference does it make if he is accused of "sexual harassment"? Bill Clinton had an affair with Jennifer Flasomething, disgraced the oval office with his affair with Monica, which he lied about in front of the public, exposed himself to that other woman....so why does everyone look over that and he is still adored by movie stars, TV and politicians? Double standard? The Clintons get away with anything?

I suppose Hilary feels better about President Obama who used our money to make a bet on Solyndra, without researching the solvency of the company, that was facing bankruptcy when he decided to give them 0ver $5 million dollars. Now they can't account for it and it's GONE. All our hard earned money, down the green tubes...and Mr. Obama called it a "bad bet". Gambling with our money. President Obama and his cabinet know nothing when it comes to making business decisions. What about his shovel ready jobs when he first took money from us to get the stimulus bill going? How many jobs were made and where is that money and now he has a new job bill that is going to take another trillion dollars of our money, which Washington doesn't have (but can print if he needs it I guess). Our country is going down the tubes. The Democrats need to raise taxes so they can keep spending. It's like they have hit a bottomless well that keeps pouring out the money. We can't make it fast enough for the government to spend it! Thanks President Obama for the terrible changes to have made in this country and taken away any hope we had for the future. Aren't there any other Democrats who can run?

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