December 14, 2010

The Joys of the Holidays

The holiday season can be a stressful one. There is shopping to do, parties to go to, the question of what to wear and will it fit, meals to plan, special traditional sweets to bake and more traffic to make one's nerves blow a fuse. We must settle down and realize that the preparation for the get together with friends and family that we cherish so much is what the holiday is about. Take a breath and say the word ENJOY and be THANKFUL. If possible, buy a toy for a tot, donate to a charity or volunteer to help someone shop who cannot get out for themselves. Realize that the excitement of the season lends itself to all this commotion, last minute touches to make those that we love feel special. A little handmade gift or something that reminds you of the special person will give the most joy.

What I love is feeling the winter where I live. The snow is slipping in sideways, gently pushing the tiny snowflakes that are resting on the trees and the ground. Some snowflakes move out of formation and stick on the windows. My cats are sitting on the window sill enjoying the view and the warmth from the fireplace. My family will not be joining us this year, so I will put up some decorations and of course the old nativity creche that my parents agave me when I was first married in 1970. I have re-thatched the roof several times with moss over the years. I love the message of Christmas and do like to sit and reflect what it means to me and how it makes me be a better person. I have a lot to be so thankful for. The many friends I have made over my lifetime who accept me unconditionally. My son and daughter who have brought me the most joy in my life. My husband who I trust, feel secure with and who is always here for me. I have wonderful memories of a childhood with a best friend and memories that have made me who I am, no matter how painful or wonderful they have been.

I am wishing you all a very Happy Christmas and Hanukkah, Peace of Mind, Love and Tolerance of each other in the new year. Be Happiness Itself.

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Me and My Lexi

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