March 9, 2011

Red WIne, Dark Chocolate and Sadie cat

Nothing brings the peaceful state of BEING like a glass of red wine, dark chocolate and sitting on the couch petting a needy cat. That is where I found myself tonight. No phone calls, no working on projects. Just feeling the peace that petting a cat who is in need of purring. What satisfaction there is in that for me. I rescued three of my cats from a breeder who was not high quality. I feel my cats are lucky animals. I have a friend who has rescued Golden Retrievers and I see in her house the same love I have for my animals. How lucky these unsuspecting animals are to have been welcomed into a loving home. How my heart aches for animals who are less fortunate. Why are some animals chosen by people only to be chained up to protect their residence and spend a lifetime of being chained up, never knowing they are really loved. Do they even miss it?

Sadie, our “middle child” is the most timid and I had the realization today that maybe in some way, she senses that she doesn't get as much time as the others. We have Portia, who is 16 years old and sleeps most of the day. We have Lexi who is five and is like the alpha cat and who is very bonded with me. She sleeps up by my head every night. Sadie is four and is the loner. She meow's the loudest when she wants our attention. And her voice sounds so forlorn. Mini is the also four, but came to us at the same time as Sadie, rather under nourished and in need. We didn’t think she was going to make it, but now she is so attached to Papa (Jim) and loves to be groomed by him several times a day. Anyway, tonight I became aware that Sadie has her own special needs and when she is so vocal in the morning and is waiting for me to come into my studio to pet her on the couch, that she is in NEED. She loved all the attention she got tonight and I found it a blessing for me as well. Petting a cat makes you sit still for awhile after a busy day and reflect on how wonderful life is. Thank you Sadie for bringing me peace.

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Me and My Lexi

Me and My Lexi

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