February 20, 2011

Jackie Saburido

I just read about this girls story and it really touched me. We all take so much for granted, but our lives can be changed in an instant. I get concerned for my grandchildren, all my grandchildren, that they will be a victim of a drunk driver. I guess any of us can fall victims to that horrific experience. I think it would be incomprehensible to have a loved one's life be taken by the irresponsibility of someone who gets in their car drunk and also it would be just as devastating, to have a loved one be responsible for taking a life when intoxicated.

This is a sad story of a young woman whose life changed in an instant and also the young man who was full of promise, whose poor choice changed his life forever as well. A difficult lesson for one and a perseverance to keep going in life when she didn't think she could.

Jackie is an amazing young woman, who in spite of the hardships and pain, has remained a beautiful soul with strength and courage. Her story is one that will make you think about what really matters and will have you asking yourself many questions.



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  1. Cassie, thank you so much for this post. I visited the website and made a donation. I simply cannot imagine the pain this young woman has experienced. She is truly brave and beautiful.


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