October 4, 2010

How to hen peck

I visited a small farm yesterday. Actually, it was a riding stable, but there was a large chicken coop there and all kinds of chickens strutting around. I couldn't help but notice this large white hen run up to something tiny and carry it away in it's beak. This little critter was dangling from the chicken's beak, arms and legs limp. This caused quite a stir in the chicken yard. All the inmates had to run along behind this chicken, that had scored a prize, to see what it was. Instantly, their curiosity got the better of them and they took on CAT NATURE. The white chicken made a bee line out of the area, running into the brush, trying to get away from the onlookers. They remained hot on her tail. She went full circle and came back to the yard, the helpless little critter dangling and dancing to a beat it did not want to dance. Miss White finally dropped the critter, which I think was a baby mouse and proceeded to peck it. She pecked it over and over....gave it a piece of her pecking mind. I'm sure he gave up the ghost at that point. The big brown chicken made his move and picked up the dead critter and ran with it. This is what is called: sports in the barnyard. Whoever had this little critter was the champion and envy of all the rest. SCORE! The dead dangle got pecked some more. So, there you have it. Hen pecking at it's worst.

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Me and My Lexi

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