August 18, 2010

Rhode Island visit

We visit Jim's mom, who is 95 1/2 years old, every 3-4 months in Hope Valley, Rhode Island. It was very humid there this time, so we frequented the Lickity Splits ice cream stop almost every day. We love to people watch and were very delighted to see two people come up on their motorcycles. The man had his own and his wife, Connie, had a sidecar where Bonnie sat. She is a mix of Golden Retriever and Chow. She waited patiently in the car while her master bought her a small cup of vanilla ice cream. She lapped it right up. Bonnie is 14 years old and a very lucky doggie. I think her owners believe they are the lucky ones!

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Me and My Lexi

Me and My Lexi

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